PPE Health Check

PPE Health Check

Our experienced consultants will independently advise on the correct use and management of PPE, through your entire site, to ensure your liabilities are minimised. By completing wearer trials, toolbox talks and specialised training, we will ensure employee commitment, ongoing health and safety improvements and drive your costs down.

  • Bespoke stock management solutions
  • PPE assessment
  • Interactive site surveys
  • Reports and recommendations
  • Qualified PPE training
  • Annual assessment
  • PPE management systems, designed to give you control


Why is PPE important?


Making your workplace safe, includes providing instructions, procedures, training and supervision, which empowers your workforce to complete their roles and responsibilities, in a safe and stress free environment.

Even where engineering controls and safe systems at work have been applied, some hazards may remain. These include injuries to: lungs from breathing in contaminated air, head and feet from falling materials, eyes from flying particles or splashes of corrosive liquids, skin from contact with corrosive materials, body from extremes of heat or cold.

PPE is needed in all of these cases to reduce the risk.

Slater Safety takes great pride in visiting and assessing your PPE requirements, all done via our free PPE healthcheck. This our first step towards working with you as your PPE partner.

To book your free PPE health check, call 01772 691000 or fill in the below form.


Do you need a PPE 'Health Check'?
Let us come and survey your working environment and make sure your PPE is keeping your staff as safe as it should be.

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