Slater Safety’s online ManPack service allow employees and managers to place orders for clothing from a pre-agreed range, and receive the goods ready packed for easier distribution.  Employees can login to our website, order uniforms and equipment, and have it all shipped directly saving time and preventing error in PPE distribution.

The ManPack service also provides a point system in which employees, based on their points allocated, can pick and choose what they see as their preferred item, to wear whilst operating within the applied restrictions.


All goods pre-ordered received ready packed for easy distribution

Management information to provide analysis of individual employee usage.

Delivery tracking and order progress

Orders can be placed online 24/7.

New employee information can be added at any time

All items can be viewed online before purchased

Various login levels to suit

Orders can be entered as single items by image.

Point system can be applied to allow employees greater choice

Order approvals can be applied with special notes

Orders and their item, status can be viewed.

Employee and orders reports are available online between any two dates.